Network Relocation Services

Network Relocation Services: Moving an Office Is Hard to Do

Relocating all of your network during an office move can become an IT manager's worst nightmare. The process is expensive, complicated and disruptive. The whole process requires extensive project management experience due to all the intricacies and components involved in a network move.

Considerations To Keep In Mind Are

  • Environmental - Does the facility have adequate cooling and power? An environment that is too hot will significantly limit the lifespan of your servers and networking equipment.
  • Physical - Is there adequate server room space as well as rack space? And is the room secure? Planning office space and cabling layouts, as well as incorporating phone, data, and wireless network connectivity is required to accommodate existing and future needs.
  • Logical - What kind of connectivity is needed for voice and data networks, and how should they be segmented? Network security and network resources can all be improved through firewall upgrades, server consolidation, virtualization, storage system design, and more.
  • Enhancements - Most of all, an office move is an opportunity to improve your IT infrastructure, network security and overall IT service management. What are the elements or incremental capabilities that you've been seeking?

A Successful Office Relocation Process

Regardless of the size of your business, when a relocation of your IT system is needed, there is an orderly process that will make sure the move is successful. As a matter of fact, the earlier the IT team is involved with the planning process of an office move, the more likely the network relocation will be successful.

MSI Technologies, LLC offers complete business IT relocation services that alleviate the complexity and disruptive nature of an office move. We evaluate your specific move challenges and design a plan using both on-premise and cloud-based solutions that reduce your effective downtime to its lowest level. Our in-house technical team is highly experienced allowing us to control the quality of our work and to meet your deadlines. Our projects are completed on time, on budget ... guaranteed.

With hundreds of moves under our belt, we have never missed a move-in date or deadline.

Network Wiring

Serving New Jersey, New York and the Eastern Pennsylvania area, MSI Technologies, LLC specializes in providing expert network cabling and computer networking for commercial and residential clients. Our professional technicians work with you to deliver the best solution for your communications needs and we provide complete, end-to-end service to ensure all your needs are met in a cost-effective manner.

If your business is relocating or expanding and requires assistance with your network infrastructure or system setup, look no further than MSI for support and contact us today.