The First and Last EDI Solution You'll Ever Need

Growing your business is important to you. Edisoft's Merchant EDI Suite can deliver the tools necessary to help your company grow today and into the future. With Edisoft's very own built-in communication module, translator and direct integration into the most ERP systems in the market, we offer one of the most comprehensive EDI solutions in the SMB ERP market.

Other essential offerings available include: value added network services, a library of thousands of pre-built trading partner kits, the most versatile and robust packing/labeling solution available, and all this is supported by a team of business and EDI specialists with decades of experience. Edisoft is the first and last solution you'll ever need for your EDI and shipping automation requirements.

One SOlution, Maximum Affordability

In today's global marketplace, EDI has become a key money saving tool in the supply chain. Edisoft's EDI suite has been designed to maximize your savings by enabling your order and shipping departments to experience a more streamlined order management and order fulfillment process. The reduction and/or elimination of manual data entry in the order process provides a key benefit by streamlining your operations and reducing the risk of human error. The Merchant Suite, and its various modules, can be linked to numerous ERP systems creating a seamless business process whereby the EDI translation of such documents as purchase orders, invoices and advanced ship notices can be done automatically with little, or no manual intervention. Exchanging EDI order information in a timely manner between the order entry and shipping departments results in a seamless, more cost effective business process for your company.

Benefits of Complete EDI Suite

The last thing you want to do as your company expands is to change your systems. Edisoft's modularized solution architecture and platform is specifically designed to enable you to pick and chose the components essential to meet your organization's needs. The ability to easily add new components also means that the system can scale as needed with your company, or can even help drive your company's growth.

Edisoft's Merchant Suite of EDI Products

  • Business Exchange (Value Added Network)
  • Merchant (Business Exchange, Advanced)
  • Visual ASN (Lite, Advanced)
  • Remote Warehouse (3PL) support
  • Thousands of pre-built trading partner kits and GS1- 128 labels
  • Support for all major VANs and communication protocols

One Solution, Many Options

Visual ASN Information

Unlike other products that simply worry about compliance, Visual ASN was built to collect the data needed for your ASN with your shipping processes in mind. Furthermore, the functionality has been extended to support shipping automation for both EDI and non EDI customers by seamlessly linking back to the ERP system. With the ability to pick and pack, scan pack, create rules to support simple case packs or more complex assorted packs, Visual ASN will allow you to automate your shipping operations while still maintaining your business process.

Visual ASN Includes:

  • Direct integration with the most ERP systems in the market
  • Ability to visually pick and pack orders
  • Ability to create packing rules to automate packing
  • Integration with transport management systems
  • Scan packing
  • Many reports out of the box including pick slips,
  • packing slips and the VICS BOL

Consulting, Training & Support

Edisoft's team has the knowledge, experience and expertise to help your company optimize your EDI system. Whether it is support on a single issue, deployment of a new component, training of your staff, or consulting on how we can improve your systems or your processes, we are here to help you. Contact us today to discuss our consulting, training and support options!