Sitefinity CMS: An Ideal B2B Web Development Platform

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Sitefinity is a Content Management System that delivers intuitive web content management for business professionals, while also providing a rich end user experience within a robust CMS development environment. Sitefinity utilizes the most current and up-to-date technology within the Asp.Net Framework.

What separates Sitefinity from the majority of the available CMS solutions out there is its ability to cater the needs of everyone invested in an IT project. Sitefinity is able to do this by providing features for both the business users, designers, as well as developers.

Sitefinity CMS

Sitefinity Features

As mentioned above, Sitefinity provides a slew of features that cater to everybody involved in your IT projects, from business users to designers and developers. Follow us as we break down a few of these features and how it may benefit your business.

Mobile CMS

Mobile CMS provides a wide variety of mobile options that enable businesses to deliver multi-device experiences with minimal amounts of development effort. Sitefinity integrates a wide variety of mobile device-specific strategies that will allow businesses to stay connected with customers as well as empower their mobile employees. The ability to create Mobile Websites as well as implementing Responsive designs are seamlessly integrated into Sitefinity’s CMS experience.

On top of mobile website development, Sitefinity’s CMS also provides a Mobile App Builder as well as Mobile Content Management. With Mobile App Builder and Mobile Content Management, business will be able to create an app with a just the press of a button. Any of the content provided on your website can be used to construct an engaging mobile app. Mobile apps also enable businesses to make use of data and device sensors, like geolocation, to enhance your contents relevancy.

Sitefinity CMS

Empowering Usability

With a highly intuitive User Interface (UI),  business users will be able to finish the job independently and effectively. With the intuitive and predictable CMS environment, multiple users are able to work together and drive the impact of their business. Sitefinity provides the tools, such as Web Content Management, Digital Asset Management, and Intranet Portals, that allow for  users to stay connected and on top of their content.

With Intranet Portals, your business’ resources and documents can organized and easily accessed. Users will also be able to socialize and engage with fellow employees through the system, allowing for more seamless collaborations. With Web Content Management and Digital Asset Management, users are able to edit their content on the fly. With Sitefinity, you can create or even edit content right on the page itself, enabling you to change images, body content, headers, and other aspects of your webpage.

Sitefinity CMS

An Elegant Application Programming Interface (API)

With requirements constantly changing, Sitefinity complete extensibility with a Fully-Exposed API allows users to tackle the problems of today while also being prepared for tomorrow. Sitefinity’s API is open for extension and can also be integrated with external applications, such as Sage 300 ERP using Iciniti. Businesses are open to go beyond the out-of-the-box features and incorporate their own re-useable codes and controls. To meet the custom needs of businesses, Sitefinity includes:

  • Flexible API
  • Visual Studio Integration
  • Custom Content Types
  • Multisite Management
  • Sitesync

Online Marketing Suite

Sitefinity incorporates a variety of features that allow businesses to personalize their customer’s experience through segmenting them into groups for custom content delivery. With Email Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Content Personalization and Analytics, Sitefinity provides the tools to tackle your business’ inbound marketing strategies and drive conversion rates.

Sitefinitiy’s Email Marketing provides a powerful built-in email designer that allows for your businesses to create eye-catching emails that blend in seamlessly with the styling of your existing websites. Your social media experience will also be simplified, providing your business the ability to manage Facebook fan pages and publishing tweets directly from Sitefinity.

Sitefinity CMS

Sitefinity combines Ecommerce and CMS

Sitefinity seamlessly incorporates Ecommerce into their CMS to provide a single, powerful solution for businesses. Your store can be created and running in no time by dragging and dropping widgets for products, shopping cart, and checkout procedures onto your pages. With CMS and Ecommerce integrated into one solution, Sitefinity provides the tools that allow you to personalize your customer’s shopping experience.


Sitefinity tackles the needs of business users, designers and developers, allowing for a strong and efficient collaboration between employees. Features ranging from Mobile Website and Mobile App development to Ecommerce solutions and Online Marketing.  With so many features, all the while being open to 3rd party extensions, it’s easy to see why many businesses are taking advantage of Sitefinity’s CMS solution.

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