Responsive Website Design For Your Business – A Worthy Investment

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If you have a website for your business, then chances are you have heard the words “responsive design” being used here and there in recent years. Websites like have made the claim that 2013 was the “Year of Responsive Web Design.” This may raise the question of what responsive design is and how it may benefit your business.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design is essentially having your website designed to work gracefully on all platforms, such as desktops, tablets and smartphone browsers. Elements on your website, such as layouts and content should be easy to read and navigate regardless of the screen size that it is being displayed on. If you ever pull up a website on your mobile phone and had constantly resize it zooming in and out, chances are that website hasn’t implemented Responsive Website Design. A response website should be intuitive and look great no matter where you’re accessing it from.

How Does Responsive Design Work? is a great example of Responsive Website Design. When adjusting the width to their website, you can see the layout and content rearranging itself from having multiple columns all the way to just one. This allows for the readers to more easily and intuitively navigate their website, whether it’s on a large screen or the small one on your phone.

Three main principles stand out when implementing Responsive Website Design:

  • Media queries. Media queries is a means for your website to detect what device it is being displayed on. This allows for your website to automatically scale its layout and size to meet the needs of the viewer.
  • Flexible images. Images are also resized relative to your screen size to avoid it from bleeding onto other parts of your website, like a body of text for example.
  • Fluid grids. Fluid grids allow for a variety of different elements displayed on your website to be implemented on a grid which is relative to percentages as opposed to fixed sizes, allowing for a more wide variety of screen sizes.

Responsive Website Design

Why is Responsive Website Design Important?

Some people question how important it is to have Responsive Website Design, and how it may benefit their business. Some sources are reporting that 63% of mobile phone using adults use their phones to go online. Out of those users, 34% only use their phones to access the internet, and don’t use laptop or desktop computers. IDC, a research firm, has reported that mobile devices will surpass PCs when it comes to web access.

IDC has also predicted that for internet-connected devices, smaller screen sizes are expected to be more prevalent over the next few years. So for those who are asking if Responsive Website Design is important for their business, the answer should be a yes. When starting to build your website using responsive design, it will save you the time and need for creating variations of your website to fit all potential screen sizes.

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule of requiring a Responsive Website Design.

  • Your business is not impacted by the need of having a website
  • Your business does not have any competitors
  • Your business is already familiar with responsive website design, and has concluded that it is not the right model for you.

If any of these three exceptions apply to you, you’re most likely okay where you are. If it doesn’t, however, you’ll want to make implementing responsive design onto your website your most important goal in online marketing.

The Mobile Future

It is almost clear that mobile devices are having a strong impact on future business and design decisions. Although jumping to a responsive website design can present many challenges, there’s no doubt that people are using mobile devices more and more as the years pass. Nielsen, a global information and measurement company, has projected that over 60% of mobile phone users in the United States are using a smartphone. Another source says that nearly 5 billion people will have access to mobile phones by 2017. With that knowledge, having a responsive website design will be critical in being able allow your business to reach all of those people.

If you have any questions on Responsive Website Design and how it can benefit your business, contact us at MSI Technologies for more information.

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