Iciniti eCommSuite 5 – A Complete B2B Integrated Solution

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Iciniti may have created the ideal eCommerce solution for the mid-market with eCommSuite 5. Iciniti has put together the perfect blend of accounting, customer relationship management, contentent management and web store functionality, using the finest that the market has to offer.

Iciniti’s eCommSuite 5 is put together with a collection of web applications that businesses can use individually or as an all-in-one eCommerce solution. These web applications include Icinity Store, Iciniti Credit Card, Iciniti Order Reader, and Icinity Customer Portal. Let’s take a closer look at what some of these applications can do.

Iciniti Store

Iciniti StoreThe Iciniti Store is an advanced eCommerce solution that was built to allow companies and businesses to efficiently and effectively sell their products and services over the internet. With a true two-way integration with Sage 300, your business can quickly achieve a world class web presence while staying affordable.

The Iciniti Store allows for your business to create its own look-and-feel by taking full advantage of the open and flexible presentation layer using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and industry standard masterpages. All of your inventory or services can be presented in multi-tiered categories, including images and extended product descriptions. With the Iciniti Store, your business can:

  • Create new pages with Forums, Blogs, Images and Documents or Generic Content
  • Enable self-service ordering, inventory availability checks and account look-ups
  • Increase your rankings and visibility on search engines with the use of built in Blogs and Social Media
  • Real-time shipping quotes and tracking information integration
  • Automatic processing of web orders by interacting directly with order entry
  • Integrate secure credit card payment processing with AR, OE, and a Web Store

Iciniti Credit Card

iciniti credit cardIcinity Credit Card fully automates and streamlines the credit card payment process with majority of major merchant account providers. Payments can be all tied electronically to orders, credits and invoices through the integration of the Sage 300 ERP system. You can save your business the time and costs that tend to associate itself with manual duplicate data entry and reconciliation, as well as the benefit of secure handling of credit card data. With the help of Iciniti Credit Card, your business can:

  • Integrate with Iciniti Store
  • Seamlessly integrate with most most major gateways, merchant account providers and Sage 300 ERP
  • Automate credit card processing for recurring AR invoicing and billing
  • Partially pay an invoice with a credit card
  • Directly link a credit card authorization to an order and any invoices pertaining to that order
  • Securely store multiple credit card numbers per customer, consisten with Payment Card Industry Standards
  • Split payment captures across multiple invoices for a single order
  • Process multiple transaction types including prepayment, pre-authorization, capture, purchase and refund

Iciniti Order Reader

iciniti order readerWith Iciniti Order Reader, your clients will be doing the data entry for you. Your customers can enter or fill in for orders on your business’s website and Iciniti Order REader will automatically read them and write it into Sage 300 ERP. All the extra data entry input on your end is bypassed and goes directly to Sage 300 ERP, saving you time and money.

  • Can be configured to work with industry standard payment gateways to add credit card payments to Sage 300 ERP
  • Can be configured to create new customers in Sage 300 ERP
  • Supports both PHP and ASPX sites
  • Works with virtually any web store

Iciniti Customer Portal

iciniti portalIciniti Portal is an integral part of Iciniti eCommsuite 5, however, it can also be separately installed. Many businesses that do not have or need a web store, but still would like to offer their customers an easy way of viewing their Accounts Receivable History or even paying Open Invoices online will want to implement Iciniti Portal to their systems.

  • Create receipt batches for all payments
  • Pay open invoices online and have payments forwarded to Sage 300 ERP
  • Show complete Account Receivable history: Open Invoices, Payments, Credit notes, Debit notes and Invoices

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