On Premise vs. Cloud Accounting Cost Comparison

Cloud computing has garnered a lot of hype in the technology world in recent years. Many innovative breakthroughs in cloud-based business applications have entered the fray, as well as those that target consumers. It appears that "the cloud" is the next big ...

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Industry Leading Cloud Financial Management & Accounting Software with Intacct

Having a cloud-based ERP software solution allows for amazing advantages as well as cost savings for a midsized business. Intaact provides this opportunity with its industry leading accounting software and cloud financial management. With a comprehensive, flexible and customized ERP solution included ...

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Interesting Cloud Computing Statistics

Cloud Computing ServicesOur blog topic today is a recollection of this informative stats-heavy article titled 20 cloud computing statistics every CIO should know on Silicon Angle blog. If you are an IT manager or CIO, there are ever present challenges for your company's data ...

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Is moving to the Cloud a sound business decision?

The cloud is a fairly new thing but it has many businesses excited. There are even people saying that they will live forever because the information they put into the cloud will bounce around in there long after they die. This may ...

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Top 5 Free Cloud Service Providers

Cloud storage is a relatively new concept in the computing world that is making big waves. If you aren't using a cloud service at home or at work yet, odds are you will be using one in the near future. Here is ...

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Managed Cloud Services

Why Managed Cloud Services are Important? Some of the major expenses for organizations include the purchase of IT infrastructure, training of personnel to adapt to that infrastructure and regular management of dedicated servers. Not only does it incur costs on organization, it ...

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MSI Technologies welcomes two new members to its team.

MSI Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of two new members of our team. Reeba Thomas has joined our team as a Technical Support Analyst. Reeba is joining MSI with experience as the Technical Support team leader for a client ...

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