CryptoLocker: What it is and How to Defend Against It

Defending against cryptolockerThere has been a particularly nasty threat floating around the internet, to be more precise, a ransomware that calls itself by the name of CryptoLocker. Many organizations have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with CryptoLocker. However, there are ways to mitigate ...

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The Evolution of Network Security: Unified Threat Management

msi technologies network securityAs many of you are already aware of, the world of technology is advancing at such an astronomic level that innovations of yesterday are quickly becoming outdated and archaic. The downside of all this is that exploitations to vulnerabilities are advancing at ...

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The Importance of Network Security for Business

msi technologies network securityHaving a network of computers set up has become a very common practice, whether it’s for a business organization or not. The general purpose of having a network established is its ability to allow communication, operation of commonly used services and applications, ...

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MSI Technologies Congratulates Andrew

Sage 2014 CertificationMSI Technologies, LLC would like to congratulate our very own Financial Services Specialist, Andrew Bross, for achieving Sage 2014 Certification. Along with specializing in Sage, Andrew also provides our clients with support in MISys, Crystal Reports, as well as upgrades and onsite maintenance. Andrew ...

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Sage 300 ERP 2014: Intelligence Reporting & Visual Process Flow

Sage 300 ERP 2014, formlery Sage ERP AccpacSage 300 ERP 2014 brought along with it a slew of new functionality, enhancements to their pre-existing features, as well a fresh new user interface. However, getting into every single new addition deserves an entire blog of its own. We won’t get ...

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MSI Technologies Welcomes Aboard 2 New Members

MSI TechnologiesMSI Technologies, LLC would like to extend a warm welcome and introduce everyone on behalf of Kevin Grant Technical Services Specialist, and Christopher Cao, Help Desk Technician. Kevin and Chris join Darren, Jon, and Adam as the newest members of the MSI ...

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Iciniti eCommSuite 5 – A Complete B2B Integrated Solution

Iciniti StoreIciniti may have created the ideal eCommerce solution for the mid-market with eCommSuite 5. Iciniti has put together the perfect blend of accounting, customer relationship management, contentent management and web store functionality, using the finest that the market has to offer. Iciniti's ...

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Looking to Upgrade Windows XP, Office 2003 & Exchange Server 2003?

If your business is still running on Windows XP, it may be a good time to upgrade your systems. As of April 8, 2014, computers running Windows XP will no longer be actively supported by Microsoft, ending its run of 12 years. ...

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On Premise vs. Cloud Accounting Cost Comparison

Cloud computing has garnered a lot of hype in the technology world in recent years. Many innovative breakthroughs in cloud-based business applications have entered the fray, as well as those that target consumers. It appears that "the cloud" is the next big ...

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